According to a very old Persian legend, Scheherazade was a very wise, lovely, and kind storyteller. It seems only appropriate I begin my journey with her. Scheherazade was betrothed to a king who was known to marry a new wife every night, and  at dawn every morning he would then behead his new wife, a cycle which continued for about 1,000 wives.( In the king’s defense, his first wife was unfaithful. I mean he wasn’t completely bat-crazy or evil. He was just a little hurt still.)   After 1,000 of these wives, along came Scheherazade, let’s call her Sherry for short. So, here enters our leading lady, Sherry. On their wedding night, she begins to tell the king a tale (actually she uses her sister as an accomplice and claims she has to tell her younger sister a bedtime story) Her tale is so enchanting that she keeps the king enraptured in it until dawn of the next morning. By that time, the story isn’t even finished, but it is so fascinating  that the king allows her to live until the next night to finish it. The next night she finishes her story and begins another which will also be interrupted by the dawn. (I guess these people really like to sleep in the day.) She continues telling the king story after story, night after night, until finally, after 1,0001 nights, she runs out of stories! But alas! The king has by this time fallen madly in love with this beautiful, hypnotic mistress of words. He allows her to live on as his wife and all live Happily Ever After! The king, Scheherazade, and I’m pretty sure her younger sister was in there too somewhere. But perhaps that is a tale for a different time.


Here is my photo inspired by this story!


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