Once upon a very long time ago  there lived three sisters, and no, I am not talking about the play by Chekhov. These three were  all daughters  of gods.  This micro chasm , however ,is but  the tale of just one of the sisters, the chaste one, the clean one, the untouched one.  She was supposed to live a life of celibacy,a life pure, like a budding blossom. But, lo, and behold, along came a guy, a guy like no other guy, a guy from the sea. Let’s call him Poseidon. So this lovely maiden fell madly, head over in heels, in love with this Poseidon guy, and before you know it, the little budding flower had been plucked from the stem, if you know what I mean. Well, well, well,  Athena, another goddess, finds out that Miss Chastity has defiled herself in Athena’s temple! This angers Athena greatly, and like every great and yet irrational, goddess in her day, she has to seek vengeance and punish this now not so innocent sister. And  before you could list off all seven muses twice, the little lady had grown snakes for hair and become so ugly that all who looked her in the eye were  turned to stone.  (Talk about buzzkill, I bet this lady was a real winner with all the menfolk in her day.) As the story goes, spurned and alone, the  once ravishingly beautiful maiden transformed on the inside what she reflected on the outside. Hated and feared by all, shunned by society  this sister had no choice but to  morph into the monster society (or just Athena)  had turned her into, the monster we now know as The Medusa.  Cruel Fate could not have been crueler to the once kind and beautiful Medusa. The stone that her victims were cast into also corrupted her very own heart, emptying all goodness and filling the mold with a wickedness that can only be described as evil. She was destined to roam the earth alone for the rest of her days, lonely, angry, and aweful.  medusa2

Untimely Plucked. Soon Faded.

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