As a little girl, I loved witches. I watched Charmed every week, and when I couldn’t watch it my dad would tape it for me.  Last year when American Horror Story came out with Coven, I was a little obsessed. I loved everything about it. I mean it’s about  modern day witches! And one of them was an actress like me, and they were all snarky to boot!  I am not thrilled with the tailspin ending.  But I still love the  cinematography of it.  Months later, and I’m still thinking about those crazy camera angles. I’m not sure what about it I loved exactly.  If it was the color palette they used, or the skewed camera angles, or the majesty of those proud witches walking down the street in downtown New Orleans. I adore the look and feel of the story. And that’s what tonight’s photos are inspired by.  I wish I could have been in Coven.

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