The Rose: Beauty and the Beast Themes and Motifs

So, Since I’m dissecting Beauty and the Beast one photo at a time. Tonight’s photo is inspired from the Rose from Beauty and the Beast. And my photo is kind of, sort of,  supposed to look like an old book cover. However, I don’t actually have photoshop, and I’m also not an excerpt at turning my photos into what I want them to be. Plus,  I actually really like to give you the essence of something through a photo and not necessarily the realistic version of it. So the photo I have transcribed tonight reminds me of an old book cover, but feel free to comment and let me know what it reminds YOU of.


2 thoughts on “The Rose: Beauty and the Beast Themes and Motifs

  1. I can see where you get the rose but not the book cover. If you had more of the painting of the roses on the door (?) instead of just a third of the door, then you might be able to get a cover out of the door. But I don’t know if there is more roses on the door or not. Or perhaps you could crop the picture more to exclude the edge of the door. But these are just my comments, I’m not a professional on anything photography related.

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