Contrarian Mary

Today’s photo comes from the nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary and is dedicated and inspired by Rarasaur. She left me a comment with the idea for it, and now her blog is probably my new favorite blog. So I’m quite honored you found me somehow on these interwebs.

The photo I used was actually from a previous photoshoot for my portrait of the Red Queen. However, during that photoshoot I took some photos with my small Dexter-like knife, and they didn’t fit in with the Red Queen. And while I wanted to do a photoshoot today, I just did not  have the time, so as I was scrounging for photos that I haven’t used or could edit together to create the Contrarian Mary, I found this one. Perfect, I thought. I tried to use a few and spell out the whole nursery rhyme. However, I didn’t think it had the same ummph filled meaning as the humpty dumpty one. After editing and playing with a few different options, I decided that the solo photo with the first line from the nursery rhyme packed the most power.

The nursery rhyme goes

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?
With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells
And pretty maids all in a row

Like any good, old tale, this short one has a mysterious and arguable origin. Some people say that Mary represents the Catholic Church. Others say it is Mary Queen of Scots. My inspiration was Bloody Mary! In the version that I took inspiration from, the silver bells and cockle shells were different torture devices, and the pretty maids in a row were from the people waiting in line at the guillotine. Enjoy!



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