Hello, and welcome back. Or rather, I guess I should be welcoming myself back. It’s been quite awhile. So much for posting a photo everyday! My schedule got a little too hectic for that .And I had a death in the family, so this blog sort of got put on the back burner.
But here I am again, trying to get back into the swing of things, trying to remember what was so damn important about stories that I wanted to dedicate a blog to in the first place. And honestly I haven’t been thinking about it that much. When I took a break from it, I really did take a break from it, mentally, and physically.

However, on most of my days off at home, I do end up thinking, what character do I feel like today? Whose story can I most relate to? A few weeks ago, the Goddess of the Underworld was stuck in my head. I did a little, itsy-bitsy research (Wikipedia) and discovered that what I remember from 7th grade English class is pretty much the same story.

Here is the short version for those of you who are not familiar with this tale. Hades sees Persephone playing in the meadow, or something super maiden-y like that, and decides to ravage her and take her down to the underworld.

Now Persephone isn’t just your run of the meadow maiden, she’s also a goddess. She’s the daughter of Zeus, and Demeter, the harvest goddess. So when young fair Persephone goes missing, her mamma is not too happy about it. She pitches a big fit to Zeus and says that she will freeze the earth over if she cant have her daughter back.

So Zeus is like, woah, there, Nelly, we need food and stuff, don’t be getting all crazy. Why don’t you go down and talk to Uncle Hades (because ZEUS called Hades Uncle for some reason that goes way back to a game of uncle when they were kids)

So Persephone’s mamma goes down there and tells Hades a thing or two, and he was gonna have to do what she said except for one thing……Persephone ate two pomegranate seeds from a pomegranate in the underworld. And everyone knows that if you eat the food down there, you are stuck for all eternity (or unless someone comes and gets you)

So Persephone kind of screwed that one up, but somehow good ol Papa Hades (that’s what all the kids are calling him) made a deal with the mom anyways. Every 9 months she must stay with him in the underworld, and then the three months left in the year are spent above ground. When she arises from the underground, she brings spring with her.

So there is the abridged story, and the photos I bring to you are representational of Persephone and her time spent in the underworld. It was actually very hard for me to let these images go up, as i couldn’t decide if I was 100 percent ready to part with them. But the perfectionist part in me would never have let me post anything ever. Therefore I am posting them. Please tell me if you have any thoughts about the photos reflecting the story? Do you think it complements it well, and if you think it doesn’t, then by all means please tell me why you think so.

And one more thing, I guess the “why it’s important” part. Some days I think bah, I’m simply adding whatever meaning I want into a tale, legend, fable, etc, etc, and therefore giving it more power. But no, I think these stories give US power. Lately all I’ve wanted to do was escape, and I think Persephone has some escaping themes. You could probably pull out all kinds of lessons, allegories, and what have you from it. But for me, it was simply about escaping. Persephone gets to escape the world for nine months out of the year. Sure it may be dark down there, but I hear Hades treated her pretty well. And I heard she could throw a killer party whenever she was so inclined. Or was that Eva Brun? Oh, another tale for another day. Adieu