The Jenner Fairytale

I heard Maria Tatar, a leading expert on fairy tales compare the Kardashians with a modern day fairy tale. Here is the article with the interview The reason for this was because of constant competition between mother and daughter. That is a very common theme in fairy tales. Oftentimes mothers would compete or be jealous of their daughters. And unlike what Disney would like us to think, it wasn’t always a step parent. That was created to make the story seems less harsh. The idea of a story where a parent doesn’t love their child seems too cruel for children. Stepmoms or dads dilutes this cruelty.

In the vein of fairy tale elements, The Kardashians are prime examples of this. Maria Tatar also talked about how fairy tales change over the years based on what the collective thinks of as a threat. Fairy tales involve the darkest fears we have. Sometimes we defeat them, and sometimes we don’t. When Grimm fairy tales were just being put together, the woods were an actual threat. Although some people believe that the wolf trying to eat Red Riding Hood is a symbol of some kind of darker sexual metaphor, wolves really were a threat at that time. The story warns people not to go into the woods alone because dangers like wolves were literal. Even the story of Haesel and Gretl personifies a possible real danger. In some parts of Europe, famine would be so terrible that desperate people would abandon or sell their children. There are even reports of starving people kidnapping and eating children because they were the easiest pray.

With time, cultures and people’s fears of threats change. For instance, Maria Tatar gave the example that we are no longer trying to defeat the wolf, but rather we’ve befriended it. In the show Grimm, the main character did just that. Grimm’s most trusted and loyal ally is the infamous big bad wolf. Modern day fears have involved to suit the times.

Shows like Game of Thrones highlight the conflicts between people. The characters on that show are often put in the circumstance of living their greatest fears. These fears may seem fictional to the viewer who knows that dragons aren’t real. The idea of winter coming is a prime representation of the possible impeding misfortune that some of us often feel is just around the corner.

Another very real fear that people everywhere are dealing with currently right now is civil rights, the equal and fair rights of every one. The right to marry who you want affects every one, in some way. The fear of truly being yourself is universal.I think the fear of not being loved or accepted is truly a worse fear. I know that I’ve felt it. The LGBT community has it pretty rough in terms of legal rights and protection. At a time when gay marriage stirs up hot emotions from both sides, being transgender can be a really scary thing to do for so many reasons. Friends and family could leave you.  Depending on the state you live in, you could lose your job or  literally have no protection against unfair treatment because there aren’t a whole lot of laws out there to protect you. Or worse, you could be physically harmed in a hate crime.

At a time when this is a major fear and danger comes Caitlyn Jenner, once called Bruce Jenner , the stepfather to the Kardashians who underwent the transformation and has today, or yesterday now, emerged as Caitlyn Jenner. She’s beautiful and lovely and brave. Despite the possibility of being scrutinized, hated, or made fun of, she rose to the challenge to be who she really wanted to be. She fought off the fears and has become the person on the outside that she always was on the inside. Now that’s a modern day fairy tale with a happy ending.