Belle and the Beast: Celebrating the Duality of Us Creatures

I’ve been thinking today about what’s missing from my blog.

I think there’s something missing, perhaps the point of it all.

I’ve been thinking about why exactly beauty and the beast is stuck in my head. I mean the symbols are awesome, the rose, the teacup, the books, etc. etc. etc. I love the fact that it’s such an old fairy tale. And probably one of the ones that Disney didn’t change TOO much. ( I love disney eiher way tho) 

But there’s something missing. What is it, exactly? I had a conversation today with a fellow actor and artist, and he said something about how as an artist we should become more sensitive as we age, or at least more affected by people and things. However, some people become hardened. That made me think about Beauty and the Beast. The Beast has become hardened by life, whereas beautiful belle is still soft and caring. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Beauty and the Beast is almost a dichotomy of a person, how it could almost represent the duality of people. I know in the story there are actually two characters. It’s not Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, but in every person there is a soft vulnerable side and a more beastly side. I really wanted to do a photoshoot where I was both beauty and the beast, in a fashion similar to Dr. Jeckyll, Mr. Hyde, or a photoshoot were beauty IS the Beast, but I just haven’t had time. 

I’ve been trying to develop art based on my thoughts and life, related to beauty and the beast. The photos I was just working on you can’t even tell it was once based on that particular fairy tale. And maybe that is my point. I want to create, create, create! Like the greeks. Something new. Something original. Something old. Something collaborated. Hey, this sounds like a wedding. I want to create something from something, but something new. HAHA oh the paradox. 

And from all that, here are some photos. I don’t think I’m completely done with these, and I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. So, I’ve decided to post the different versions. I have a friend who always reminds me of Andy Warhol, and once when I was at his house posting pics onto facebook, I couldn’t decide between two versions of the same photo I had edited in two very different ways. I didn’t want to post the same pic twice, even tho they were radically different, due to the crazy photo editing I had done. He told me to post them both, because they weren’t the same. I had thought they were the same bc of the photo being the same, but he reminded that what I had turned them into had made them two very different art pieces altogether. The fact that these photos tonight look a little Warholish is solely a coincidence, by the way. 




In the tale of Beauty and the Beast, Belle wanted a rose. That is what led her down the road to falling in love with a beast. But maybe the beast is just symbolic, symbolic for allowing ourselves to love. To love every part of ourselves, the beautiful and the beastly. For when we allow ourselves to truly love ourselves, the judgement and fear are released and we are free to be who we were always meant to be. And that, my friend, makes us beautiful.
Or maybe not. Maybe there was just a girl in love with the beauty of a rose. And then she got Stockholm syndrome.  



The Rose: Beauty and the Beast Themes and Motifs

So, Since I’m dissecting Beauty and the Beast one photo at a time. Tonight’s photo is inspired from the Rose from Beauty and the Beast. And my photo is kind of, sort of,  supposed to look like an old book cover. However, I don’t actually have photoshop, and I’m also not an excerpt at turning my photos into what I want them to be. Plus,  I actually really like to give you the essence of something through a photo and not necessarily the realistic version of it. So the photo I have transcribed tonight reminds me of an old book cover, but feel free to comment and let me know what it reminds YOU of.