Sleeping Beauty

The story of Sleeping Beauty has been around for a little while. The earliest version, (that I could find) was Perceforest, dating somewhere in the 1300s-1400s. So, like a lot of fairy tales, it has lots of different versions and was at first passed down orally. The famous fairy tale writer, Charles Perrault wrote a version in 1697. Here I have written a very, very short version of Sleeping Beauty.


Into the Unkown

A lot of myths and tales start with a quest, a journey into the unkown. 


River Styx

I went out of town this past weekend, so I haven’t been posting the last few days. I was on a mountain without cell service. 

So I figure I will do a few photo posts to make up for it. 

The first one I give you, is The River Styx, the River from Earth to HadesImage



I really started this blog because I’m obsessed with origin stories. I’ve spent long nights researching, (more like internet venture quests) exploring different fairy tales like Red Riding Hood and Snow White. I started this last Halloween when I was trying to pick out a Halloweeen costume. I was looking for Red Riding Hood inspiration, but instead of actually making a costume I spent hours and hours reading about the different theories of origins of Little Red. Since then, I’ve occasionally read about this fairy tale or another. And then I started watching Arrow recently, and I was reminded of Robin Hood, of course, but also of my childhood days of watching Batman. This started me thinking about different types of stories and how they evolve and merge. Of course I also love watching Once Upon a Time and Grimm.

So, I guess I started this blog with the desire to have an outlet for my fairy tale hunting  escapades, an outlet to have something to show when I’m done with a hunt. I like using photos, because sometimes I find that I don’t want to explain everything. I don’t want to write an essay about the possible origins of Red Riding Hood, but I might like to take that information and compose a piece of art from it. Then, in turn, I might explain the photo, or I might not, just letting the viewer question. Or I might take  a-not-so-heard of fairy tales and make art from them. It’s not really about “the photo” to me. It’s more that I would like to make a visual representation of said story, or even something completely new that was inspired by the story.

I find that in everyday life I often have to explain myself or talk about my own life story. This is also my way of escaping that. Here I don’t have to talk about MY life, MY story, MY excuses for not doing this or that. Here I can talk about other stories and other characters and give them a life, complete with their own set of excuses. And if I so choose I can twine their story into my own, or at least connect it.

I do like making connections, because everything is connected. Nothing exists in a vacuum. That’s another reason I like fairy tales. Fairy tales aren’t just the ones that Disney made into movies. Fairy tales come from folklore which comes from oral traditions which means you can’t really disconnect the story from the culture and people it came from. Everywhere in the world there are folk tales which have similar themes and messages.

Mythology you could call it.

So to me, fairy tales, origin stories, mythology, folklore, etc. etc., show us who we are as people and how we’ve changed through the centuries.  The characters representing a character in all of us, and the problems they face representing challenges we face. They are universal and timeless.


Oh and my photo today is inspired by Rumpelstiltskin.



Untimely Plucked. Soon Faded.

Once upon a very long time ago  there lived three sisters, and no, I am not talking about the play by Chekhov. These three were  all daughters  of gods.  This micro chasm , however ,is but  the tale of just one of the sisters, the chaste one, the clean one, the untouched one.  She was supposed to live a life of celibacy,a life pure, like a budding blossom. But, lo, and behold, along came a guy, a guy like no other guy, a guy from the sea. Let’s call him Poseidon. So this lovely maiden fell madly, head over in heels, in love with this Poseidon guy, and before you know it, the little budding flower had been plucked from the stem, if you know what I mean. Well, well, well,  Athena, another goddess, finds out that Miss Chastity has defiled herself in Athena’s temple! This angers Athena greatly, and like every great and yet irrational, goddess in her day, she has to seek vengeance and punish this now not so innocent sister. And  before you could list off all seven muses twice, the little lady had grown snakes for hair and become so ugly that all who looked her in the eye were  turned to stone.  (Talk about buzzkill, I bet this lady was a real winner with all the menfolk in her day.) As the story goes, spurned and alone, the  once ravishingly beautiful maiden transformed on the inside what she reflected on the outside. Hated and feared by all, shunned by society  this sister had no choice but to  morph into the monster society (or just Athena)  had turned her into, the monster we now know as The Medusa.  Cruel Fate could not have been crueler to the once kind and beautiful Medusa. The stone that her victims were cast into also corrupted her very own heart, emptying all goodness and filling the mold with a wickedness that can only be described as evil. She was destined to roam the earth alone for the rest of her days, lonely, angry, and aweful.  medusa2