A New Series

Hello everyone out there in Cyberland! It’s me again, Margaret. I know it has been a Very long time, and while I may not have been updating, I’ve never forgotten you blog!

So I decided it was time to get back into this thing (kind of). By that I mean, I’ve started an art series that centers around Disney princesses, and I wanted to share.

So here is part 1 in “A Series of Princesses”

Let me know what you think (unless you don’t like it, in which case, you can totally just hang onto that thought for yourself).

A dream.jpg

An introduction of sorts

The thing is, my blog is supposed to be a photo blog, not really a writing blog.  I wanted to challenge myself to post a photo everyday. The photos are supposed to be inspired by stories. Really this is just my excuse to play dress up everyday and maybe get a few friends as well. And also this is my excuse to do all those things in my head that I never get to do.  So I started a few weeks ago posting a photo everyday inspired by a different story. Then I quickly realized something; one day is not enough time to explore a story or a character in the way I would like to. For instance, I started exploring the archetypal character: genies, and there was so much information I couldn’t process it, do a photo shoot, and edit the photos in one day! So I spent the next few days posting a different viewpoint of “the genie.” Then I thought, well maybe I can teach people the things they don’t already know, but then I’m just so busy I don’t have time to make sure I’ve done the accurate research. So then I just went back to picking a story, taking a photo of something inspired by it and posting it.

So now I guess I should be introducing myself. Well, I’m Brooke Spivey. I’m an actor, and I live in Atlanta. The point of my blog is to create something inspired by something else. I love stories. I think they are at the root, our first tool for teaching. I also love exploring myths, legends, fairy tales, origin stories, and folklore. I love learning how they have evolved, grown, changed, and been challenged through the years.

I’m an idea person. I could spend hours and hours just thinking of NEW ideas. If I could get paid just to come up with ideas about things then I would never be poor (well unless it didn’t pay much). However, I am very bad at the doing of it. I’d rather come up with an even better, more interesting idea. Actually, that’s usually what happens. So I have a huge list of art and personal projects to do, and then I get my next best idea. I’ve often said that if I just had a partner who was good at doing, then we’d be the perfect team. So this is my way of trying to learn HOW to do. It’s small, vaguely focused, and it allows room for growth. My plan is to post a photo everyday inspired by a story of some kind. That’s it pretty much. That is my only rule for myself, for now.

I joined this zero to hero blog challenge because I thought it would be fun, and because I want to meet other bloggers and connect and share. Maybe inspire and be inspired.